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Does anyone know where the database distribution list is stored ? I have a large number of servers to add, and id like to automate something to update it?



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    Hi, thank you for your forum post.

    The Database D Distribution List is found here:
    C:Users<user_name>AppDataRoamingRed GateSQL Multi Script 1Application.dat

    It is an XML file that in theory you can edit, not a task I personally would advise an user to perform. I recommend that you save a copy of the Application.dat file before attempting to make any changes to it outside of the SQL Multi Script application.

    A better way of editing the Database Distribution List, is from the Tools menu ->Select the option to Export Distribution List, you use to edit ->Give the file name which creates a *.smsdl file. Edit the .smsdl file created in your xml editor. When you have completed your editing task, use the Import Distribution List option to import the saved smsdl file.

    Many Thanks
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    The Tools Export Import editing method is no longer working with version - After importing and attempting to use the list in the dropdown causes the app to crash.  Sent in the bug report
  • davesbrowndavesbrown Posts: 5 New member
    No fix yet for import crash? Updated to version
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