Remove monitored servers\instances that no longer exist


I have a number of monitored servers\instances that simply no longer exist in the domain. They're not present in AD or DNS at all or under the "Monitored Servers" in the configuration section of the SQL Monitor 7 web console. The problem is that they're generating a lot of "SQL Server Instance Unreachable" alerts and also filling up the Windows System Event log with DCOM errors.

Data purge is set to 1 week for everything so this isn't historic data.

How do I remove these servers/instances if not even present under "Monitored Servers"


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  • JamiesJamies Posts: 2 New member
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    Hi Sarah,

    I raised a ticket with Support but turns out we don't currently have an active support contract anymore so can't be assisted via that route, however, I've simply removed the monitored clusters and re-added. After a little while the legacy servers were gone so obviously just a case of remove/re-add. 

    Nice simple fix in this instance :)

    Thanks for replying


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