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Restore DB with Encryption password and Move data file and log file but i am getting an error

BhaveshBhavesh Posts: 1 New member
I want to Restore DB with Encryption password  and Move data file and log file  but i am getting an syntax error. 
Can anyone please help me to give proper syntax for it?
I have below syntax wich is giving an error 'Syntax error: 'LATEST_FULL' after 'mypassword '

EXECUTE master..sqlbackup '-SQL "RESTORE DATABASE [PCC] FROM DISK = ''C:\Users\MedMega-admin\Documents\Backups\*.sqb'' WITH PASSWORD = ''mypassword'' LATEST_FULL WITH MOVE DATAFILES TO ''D:\Data'', MOVE LOGFILES TO ''D:\Logs'', REPLACE  " '

Thanks in advance!


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