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Using Azure SQL for SQL Monitor Database

GM78GM78 Posts: 1 New member
Has anyone used Azure SQL for the SQL Monitor Database ? Tried setting it up but keep getting the error 'Login Failed for user xxx'. I'm using "Using an use existing database" option as per guidance for azure sql.

The base monitor server has access to the Azure SQL Server and the sql login details are correct ( i.e. i can connect using SQL management tools from the base monitor server using the login with no issues at all ).  I've even checked the Azure SQL Audit and get the following

application_name    Redgate Installer

So something slightly odd is occurring with the installer.


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  • JoeLeBaronJoeLeBaron Posts: 13 Bronze 1
    Trying this same thing... Are you connecting to the Azure SQL DB using a contained user or did you need to create a login on Master and create a user for that login on the Azure DB?

    If the latter, what permissions does this login need? 

    Hopefully this is not limited to only using the SA (like) account that was used during server creation....
  • For anyone else coming across this, I was only able to get this to work using the account user and password configured during server creation (aka: SA) 
  • SQLGoonerSQLGooner Posts: 1 New member
    we're considering going down this route for our sql monitor database, apart from the sa issue did you have any other issues around connecting to monitored instances? we've got a hybrid estate of sql servers at the moment
  • The only other issue is that it keeps throwing license errors.  We only have one license  - so limited to monitoring 5 databases.  We have a lot more databases on that server.   You select which five you want to monitor - but there is no way to tell it to ignore the other db's.  Every morning I have to dismiss the errors and all the others show up in all the lists.
  • That is correct, due to the auto detection I'm afraid. Suspending the database however is something I think we've just overlooked, as you can suspend individual instances. We've talked about treating Azure sql databases in the same way as an instance so this might change in the future, I can't promise anything though.
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  • JoeLeBaronJoeLeBaron Posts: 13 Bronze 1
    edited January 28, 2020 12:45PM
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