SQL Search text box grayed out in SSMS. How to resolve?

LRushLRush Posts: 2 New member
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Just installed SQL Server Toolbelt Essentials and having issues whereby the SQL Search text box is grayed out in SSMS and thus I am unable to use the search utility.    Is there a resolution to this?    I believe we are using the latest version of SQL Search.

SQL Search version:

SSMS 2016:  13.0.15000.23

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  • cthtylercthtyler Posts: 1 New member
    I am having the same issue. I am running SSMS 18.2. Does Sql Search support this version?
  • PtwbPtwb Posts: 1 New member
    This is happening to me as well on SSMS 18.2.  I was on SSMS 16.  Installed SSMS 18.2.  Then noticed I didn't have any of my red gate stuff.  So I got SqlSource and SqlPrompt into 18.2. Everything was working well.   Just now, I needed SqlSearch.  Only way to get it was to uninstall it and reinstall SqlSearch.  Now I see SqlSearch in my 18.2 but SSMS is now worthless.  Switching tabs, the contents don't update reliably.  I can't even use SqlSearch as everything is grayed out.  Is it indexing? I see an option to cancel indexing, but it seems to do nothing.

    Now I am trying to get SqlSearch out of my 18.2. 
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    I had the same problem in SSMS 18.2 and SQL Search 3.3.  Often you'll have an add-in like SSMSBoost that will open connections to Database Engines automatically upon start up of SSMS.  The answer for me was to let that happen, but then open SQL Search, and THEN open another connection to a Database Engine.  That will "light up" SQL Search and you will be able to use it normally.
  • AxemagusAxemagus Posts: 1 New member
    This still appears to be broken with SSMS 18.4 and SQL Search 3.4.  Following the instructions posted by woj123 works, but is a needlessly complicated process to follow every time I launch SSMS & want to use SQL Search.
  • PhilBPhilB Posts: 1 New member
    yep i have given up on SQL search in SSMS 18.2  I guess you get what you pay for - free tool - no workie
  • MansharmaMansharma Posts: 1 New member
    I was getting the same issue in SSMS 18.5 with SQL Search For me, running SSMS as Administrator solves the issue.
  • ClairePClaireP Posts: 2 New member
    jtwite said:
    As woj123 said, I found just disconnecting from the server in SSMS's Object Explorer, then re connecting (via Registered Server makes this reasonably painless) fixes the issue.  Looks like it is SQL Prompt's tab-auto re-connect that forgets to also do the SQL search tab
    THANK YOU!!!!
  • cbasozcbasoz Posts: 2 New member
    Mansharma said:
    I was getting the same issue in SSMS 18.5 with SQL Search For me, running SSMS as Administrator solves the issue.
    Thanks! Running as admin fixes it.
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