how to know which servers has redgate backup licenses

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how to know which servers has redgate backup licenses  


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    Hi @vasuk

    As SQL Backup is licensed per server rather than per user, the activations don't appear in the customer portal but this is something we are working on and we're hoping to offer this feature in the future.

    You have a 3 server license and currently only have two active servers, leaving you with one remaining activation.  The previous activations were made on 12/02/2019 and 12/12/2018.

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  • You can connect to your servers from the SQL Backup UI to check their licensing state - they won't use up your license allocation until you install server components and activate the license on the server.
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    @vasuk if you are using SQL Backup 10 (which is the one I'm using and can only confirm with that). You will see a yellow icon next to the server name in the main window, if the server does not have a license. That should give you a quick view of which ones have and don't have a license.
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