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Tables only in source

Is it possible to have SQL Data Compare output/generate script for data in tables only in the source?



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    Assuming I'm interpreting your question correctly you will want the option MissingFrom2AsInclude
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    CGSJohnsonCGSJohnson Posts: 3 New member
    Thanks, Matthew.  Where is that option?

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    Eddie DEddie D Posts: 1,788 Rose Gold 5

    The MissingFrom2AsInclude option is only available using the SQL Data Compare Command Line.  It was introduced to work with a product that is now discontinued called SQL Packager to ensure that the table schema be created before inserting the data.

    If you are using the SQL Data Compare GUI, there is no equivalent option in the GUI.  This means that you first need to use SQL Compare to deploy the table to the target database and then use the SQL Data Compare to deploy the data to the target database / table.

    From the the SQL Data Compare command line help documentation:


    You can use this option if you're using SQL Packager 8 to create a package that upgrades a database, and if as part of the upgrade you're adding a new table containing data. When you create the data script to package, the new table won't yet exist, so you need to use this option to specify that the table will exist by the time the data script is run.

    For example, you've made changes to the schema and data of a database, WidgetDev, and you're ready to deploy these to WidgetLive. You've made a schema script containing a new table, and you want to make a data script, WidgetDevUpgrade, containing the data for the new table.

    Eddie Davis
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    CGSJohnsonCGSJohnson Posts: 3 New member
    Thanks, all.  I will let you know how it goes.

    - Chris
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