Any plans to support Linux in the near future?

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Since SQL Server 2017 is running on Linux we are checking for that option.

One think we identified currently as an issue is SQL Backup. It's based on a agent running on each SQL Server host. Do you have any plans for supporting Linux?



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    Nobody from Redgate wants to answer here? It is a legitimate Question...
    I today installed my first MS SQL Server 2017 on Ubuntu - it works great - but SQL Backup 9 not...

    Best regards
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    Let's push this topic up again. Any news about it? How does other people solve this issue? Any other tools that are recommended or just the out-of-the-box feature?
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    I agree.  I've been a user of Redgate backup products for close to 10 years now.  We're moving to AWS and SQL Server on Linux.  Getting rid of the windows licenses are a substantial savings.  We've called redgate to discuss and typically are told we'll get a call back and then here nothing.  This is forcing us to abandon redgate tools entirely and move to custom automation.  Definitely would like to see a backup solution on linux as well as monitoring support.
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    Hi, thank you for all your posts to this thread.

    In regards to SQL Backup, Redgate currently has no plans, certainly in the near future, to create a Linux version of SQL Backup.  The SQL Backup Server Side components still require Windows to operate correctly.

    Likewise, I am not aware of any plans, in the near future, for SQL Monitor to be able monitor SQL Server on the Linux.

    The comparison tools, SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare still require that they be installed on a Windows machine.  But you can then create a project that connects to a SQL Server on Linux to perform the comparison and subsequent deployment.

    I have feed your comments back through the internal channel here at Redgate.

    Many Thanks
    Eddie Davis
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    Having SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare work on Linux would be a big plus. That will allow to build all sort of automation tools/pipelines based on CLI interface.
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