Does each team member need to link to Git repo branch when using shared model

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Lets say a team of 3 are using the "shared" model, linking a database on a development server.  If I read the docs correctly, only 1 person needs to do this?  Then, if the others have sql source control installed on their workstation, then wont the Db icons be updated to indicate they are setup - or does each member need to go through the "link" step, using the same Git repo path?

update:  I think I know why - I chose "working folder", instead of mapping to a git repo
However, the question still stands - does each team member need to do the "link" step? 

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    All users need to do this as the information that "links" the dev DB (shared or otherwise) to the VCS repo or working folder is per-user. This is because not all users might choose to use the same working folder path on their disk. There is an argument that when using the native VCS integration the tool should be able to "auto link", but this functionality doesn't exist yet.
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    Yes, I Git it now (haha).  The "link" step is really just setting the Db to point to a local Git repo.  Since each team member will clone the repo to a path local to them, then they will need to do the link step also.  Thanks.
  • That's also why the shared model isn't really compatible with Git, because each developer has their own local repository which can change independently of any central remote you might have configured.
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