At what point will Db status icon change if edit done to underlying file in local Git repo?

Is SQL Source control Git-aware?

So if one has already linked a Db to an underlying Git repo, then:
- switched to a feature branch
- Opened the .sql file directly and updated a table definition
- Saved the change and performed a Git sync

When will we see the "changed" icon display on the Db?  Or will this only change when the edit is done through SSMS?
I tested by also doing a table change via TSQL and it worked, but if I edited the .SQL file in the underlying Git repo, the icon didnt change.  No big deal, just wondering.


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    Mike UMike U Posts: 315 Gold 1
    That's correct, the blue change indicators only show when objects in the database have changed since the last time a commit/get-latest operation took place. The change tracking does not do a comparison with the linked version control system - that comparison only happens when you refresh the commit/get-latest tabs.
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