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Support for Azure SQL PaaS?

AlanDAlanD Posts: 2 New member

Hi All

Can anyone confirm if this product supports the PaaS version of Azure SQL? Having scanned the documentation it looks like it would ok with standard SQL running on an Azure VM but not the PaaS version




  • Hi,

    Unfortunately SQL Clone doesn't support PaaS version of Azure SQL. Is it possible for you to mention about your use case?

  • AlanDAlanD Posts: 2 New member

    Hi Erdogan,

    Thanks for the response. We are running a project to migrate our databases and applications into Azure. Part of that involves changing our SDLC to a DevOps/Agile methodology and we are looking for a solution which allows us to easily provision sanitised copies of production data for use by our development teams. 'SQL Provision' would be a perfect fit but unfortunately the powers that be have also decreed that we will be using SQL PaaS where possible so that rules out SQL Clone. I'm sure we can still find a use for Data Masker though so it's not all bad.


    Alan Dowse

  • alastairsalastairs Posts: 2 New member
    I would also like to use SQL Clone (well, SQL Provision to be honest) with Azure SQL databases. It's a really common scenario in 2022 for databases to be deployed on a PaaS database. I run SQL Server in Docker on my dev machine, so I can't even install SQL Clone locally because of the requirement for Windows Authentication.

    Our databases--both our application service DBs and our data warehouses--are all deployed as Azure SQL databases. We use Azure Active Directory and Managed Service Identities to provide native access control. I was really disappointed to see that the "support" for Azure SQL databases is via a Windows VM. We operate within a highly-regulated industry with twice-yearly audits, and have no capacity for high-administration "pet" resources like this.
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