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SQL CLone Licence Question for Additional SQL Clone Server For Testing and Evaluation of Upgrades.

Matt_MMatt_M Posts: 2 New member
Hi there,

I have 1 SQL Clone Server atm which services our development team via SQL Clone databases and i would like to setup an additional SQL Clone Server for testing and evaluation of updates etc prior to upgrading our main SQL Clone server. Do i need another SQL Clone Licence Key for this or i can reuse the same one that i am using on our existing one?

FYI we currently have 10 Entitlement Licences atm.

Feedback appreciated.

Kind regards,


  • Hi @Matt_M - the way the tool is licensed means that each SQL Clone Server needs to have its own license key (see Redgate EULA). That being said, you could theoretically install the 2nd SQL Clone Server separately and each time you want to test major upgrades to the tool you could speak with Redgate support or your account manager who I'm sure would be more than happy to provide a trial extension key so that you can use the newest version before updating the main Clone server.

    Does that sound like a potential solution? Let me know your thoughts!

    Thank you very much.
  • Matt_MMatt_M Posts: 2 New member
    Sounds like a great option and i'll push through the coms to our account manager to get the ball rolling.

    Appreciate your feedback mate.
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