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New Query History feature is awesome!!!

I just want to drop a note that I find the new query history feature extremely useful. It's one of my favorite new features. Good job.


  • Thanks Don, the team are really happy to know you're finding it useful :)

    We're still working on improving it, so if you think of anything that would make it more useful or usable for you, drop us a line - we'd really like to provide the most value out of this feature.

  • new query history feature- what is it what version can i find it ?
  • Adam WAdam W Posts: 111 Silver 3
    edited December 7, 2017 8:26AM
    This feature was released in version 7.1.11. If you click on a query in the Top 10 Queries table, you will be able to see how that query has performed over time, and identify when plan changes have occurred - clicking on one will show the query plan.



    The feature is still in beta, so we will continue to make improvements. Please let us know how you think it could be improved so we can consider any suggestions as we continue development.

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