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How to ignore objects (by names) in a project?


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    WTF? where is the support?
  • Hi Tdobe

    Sorry, not sure how we missed this one.

    Using the Schema Compare for Oracle GUI, you cannot filter by object name in a project.

    If this is a feature you would like to see added to a future version, please vote and comment on this UserVoice forum topic:

    If using the Schema Compare for Oracle command line, there are a couple of workarounds you may wish use, that allow the user to filter by object name.

    The first option is use the /exclude:<behavior> switch so you can exclude objects that are:

    Missing - To exclude any object only in the source that would generate a CREATE statement.

    Different - To exclude any object in the source and target that is not equal, do not generate ALTER statements for these objects .

    Additional - To exclude any object only in the target that would otherwise cause a DROP statement.

    The second option, which I believe maybe more useful to you if you also make use of Source Control for Oracle, is to use the /filter:<filterfile.scpf> switch. In Source Control for Oracle, you can filter object by object name. This filter is then saved as a separate file with a scpf file extension, filter.scpf. You can then take a copy of the filter file and use it with this switch to filter the required object name. For example:
    sco /project:"C:\Schema Compare for Oracle\Projects\WidgetDatabases.ocp" /deploy /filter:"C:\ScriptsFolder\filter.scpf" /excludedependencies

    Further information on the command line switches can be found in the link below to the help documentation:

    Many Thanks
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