Schema Compare for Oracle V4.0.0.14


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    I am trying for this version because I need to test a migration, but I can't generate the report because it always show a empty file, is there any trick to achieve this goal?
  • Hi Augusto,
    Thank you for your forum post. I split your comment from the announce post, as this will make it easier to answer your topic on a new thread.

    If using the GUI to generate the report, you need to select objects as if they are going to be deployed.

    If using the command line, my answer depends on the syntax used.
    If using the /project:<project name> switch, you need to edit your project via the GUI and select objects for deployment. Also you may require the /reportselectedobjects switch.

    If you are using the /source and /target switches instead of the /project, if there are differences between the source and target, these will be included in the report unless you have omitted them using any /exclude switches or you have identical objects, you can confirm this if you add the /includeidentical switch.
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