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Having used ready roll pro in the past I was trying out the included Readyroll core edition in VS 2017 Enterprise and mistakenly hit the activate button. I now only have an option to sign in, and on doing so has just activated the pro trial. Is there some way I can get back to running the Core edition as that is what I am attempting to review.

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  • RBARBA Posts: 152 Silver 3
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    Hi Michael,

    There are a couple things you can try. You can wait for the trial to end and simply be aware of what the pro features are and avoid them. If that doesn't feel ideal you could try uninstalling ReadyRoll Pro via "Programs and Features" (if you have other RG tools installed this won't help as the licensing service is a shared component). Lastly, we have a debug tool you can use to purge all our locally stored licences if all else fails.


    Robin Anderson
    Red-Gate Software
  • MichaelMichael Posts: 2
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    Thank you. Uninstalling the ReadyRoll Pro via "Programs and Features" worked perfectly am now back to the Core Edition within Visual Studio. Thanks for you quick response!
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