Support for winautomation executables!

Please can you guys add support for winautomation executables?
They're wrote and compiled in .net but for some reason Smart Assembly has trouble protecting it
It says a temp file winautomation writes too when compiling executables is missing and is a dependancy..

Please help , I have nothing to protect my software!


  • I've attached a winautomation executable
    It simply runs a dos command "calc.exe" 321.6K
  • Jessica RJessica R Posts: 1,319 Rose Gold 4
    Hi @Alex102, thanks for your example file!

    SmartAssembly needs to be able to analyze each direct dependency of the assembly you want to protect, so it will need to be able to analyze WinAutomation.Actions.Runtime.SystemActions.dll and WinAutomation.Shared.Runtime.dll since the executable ends up directly referencing them.

    When winautomation creates those dlls are they stored in your temp folder? Hopefully this is the case, and when SmartAssembly tries to find the dlls, you can just point it to the temp location. Or perhaps are there copies of the dlls stored in the winautomation install directory?

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