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Any possibility to run Data Compare from command line in silent/hidden mode?


We try to create Execute Process task in SSIS package running SQL Data Compare 12 from command line. Despite setting WindowStyle task property to either Hidden or Minimized, Data Compare DOS-style window still is completely visible. Is there any switch/option/other to hide command line execution window?


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    Sorry, I don't know of any other options which might cause the SQL Data Compare commandline to display an extra window. As far as I know we don't do anything which should cause a window to appear (eg when running in a powershell window, all of the commandline's output goes into powershell and a separate commandline window doesn't appear). Sorry that's not the answer you were looking for :/
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    Thanks for a response. Agree, when I run it from Windows command prompt, no additional windows appear. But when running it inside SSIS (Integration Services) package with the same command string, I can see execution DOS-style window while the program is working. I couldn't find any options/switches to make this window hidden or at least minimized, and SSIS WindowStyle task property doesn't work on it, so just asking if anybody already deals with this.
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