BUG: Scripting from large SQB Bombs

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edited February 3, 2017 6:21PM in SQL Compare
362 GB SQB, using, licensed, on Win 2012R2

Need to script schema and procs to file folder.

Process ran for over an hour, then bombed-out with some error about "Quotas", which was reported-back to Red Gate.

We don't have a SQL 2016 any longer that can hold the restored 1.5 TB DB, minimum. We want to regain the 362 GB that the now-unwanted backup is consuming.

SQL Compare needs fixing. Maybe a 64-bit version might not have quota issues, who knows.

It's broken and unusable, aside from which, after reporting the crash to Red Gate, the UI froze completely and had to be killed via task manager.
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