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Merge XML contents of tables?

MatsLyckenMatsLycken Posts: 3
edited February 3, 2017 8:34AM in SQL Data Compare
Sorry if this forum isn't the correct forum for this question but I was wondering if I have two identical tables with rows with same keys etc but have XML contents that differ, can this tool merge that XML so that the result would be a merge between the two different XML structures?
So I make changes in DB 1 and also changes in DB 2 we could merge so that DB 2 contains both the changes made in DB 2 and also the changes from DB 1?



  • Hi Mats,

    Don't worry, you are asking in the right place!

    At the moment we don't support merging xml - in this instance the only way to use Data Compare would be to deploy the row, making the target row match the source, or not to deploy that row, and leave the target unchanged.

    Matthew Chandler
    Software Engineer on SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare
    Matthew Chandler
    Software Developer on SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare
  • Great!
    Ok, I think for this case we will need to look for another solution then. Thank you for your response!

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