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I've noticed some hi-res screen issues in the new v12 versions of SQL Compare and SQL Data compare that are sometimes annoying and in one case make the product nearly impossible (at the least, very frustrating) to use.

Laptop with screen resolution of 3840x2160. Win10.

Major issue:
- After a comparison, the checkboxes to select and unselect tables for synchronization are so small they can only be selected by constantly clicking moving the mouse over a very small area. The spacebar works for unselecting the entire table, but not for only 1 direction. The r-click menu affects all tables and not just the highlighted one (it would be nice to fix that as well - r-click should only apply to the highlighted rows not everything always). Checkboxes in other areas of the application are fine.

- Splash screen is super tiny
- The minimize, maximize and close icons are super tiny on the main app screen. They are the correct size in the data comparison window.
- Help/Help Us Improve... The 'x' for close window falls below the text area below it. Looks like the window title is too small and it wrapped off screen.
- Help/About: too small. Lots of text clipping issues. The window with the asteroids easter egg works and looks fine. :-)
- The gear icon on the comparison results screen is also too small though the menu it opens looks fine.
- The expand/collapse buttons are also too small in the after comparison screen.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your feedback. Could you confirm which version of Compare you are running (Help -> About) and what text scaling you have on your monitors. The issue with the check boxes sounds slightly worrying so I'd like to see if we can reproduce it here.

    Software Engineer
    Redgate Software
  • tschlarmtschlarm Posts: 23 Bronze 2
    v12.1.0.3760 Professional

    resolution: 3840x2160,
    text scaling 250%,
    Intel HD Graphics 520 chipset

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the update Tom,

    If you scale down to 100% what is the result?
    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software
  • tschlarmtschlarm Posts: 23 Bronze 2
    The screen and text are so tiny to be pretty much unreadable. 250% is the 'recommended' scaling factor according to windows. In the 100% scaling case the checkboxes are even smaller.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your feedback. We have been doing some work around high DPI issues recently, in particular the checkbox issue above (not all the area of checkboxes being clickable) should be fixed in the latest frequent updates release of SQL Data Compare.

    Matthew Chandler
    Software Developer on SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare
    Matthew Chandler
    Software Developer on SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare
  • tschlarmtschlarm Posts: 23 Bronze 2
    Yes, the checkboxes are much better now in hi-dpi as is the gear icon.

    I'm sure you are still aware of the high dpi issues that remain:
    - pointer mouse cursor get super small when hovering over the checkboxes and in the compare results rea
    - min/max/close icons in title bar, but the click area is bigger so this covers for the icons a bit
    - the 'equals symbol' in the header in the identical list is very small
    - Checkbox fields are clipped on the deployment screen (Backup target before, recompare after...)
    - About box clipping
    - Though there's no clipping, I'm guessing the splash screen also has some scaling issues.

    Everything else looks good so far.

    Thanks for your hard work on fixing these issues.
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