Opening a saved project with out re-comparing

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Apologies for what is probably a bit of a n00b question.

I have been comparing two databases ahead of a deployment. The client has told us to hold fire until he has updated some content.
I have selected the tables that I wish to update so far, and selected the specific rows in each table that I will want to migrate to the Live database. Then I saved the project.

I'm not ready to generate the deployment scripts just yet due to the client still amending content. However when I close SQL Data Compare, and attempt to reopen the project I see no way of getting back to my previous state without pressing "Compare Now" which then re-selects all the tables that differ when I only wanted to select a particular 4!
Please tell me I'm missing something, or is this outside the scope of the software? :?:


  • Hi WithaG, thanks for trying Data Compare.

    The reason Data Compare doesn't save row-level selections in a project is that this would essentially be equivalent to saving the deployment script, since your saved selections would only take into account the rows that were in the database at the time.

    If you only need table-level granularity, your best bet is probably to look on the "Tables & Views" tab of the connection dialog. This will allow you to exclude most of the tables from your comparison, leaving just the 4 tables you need to deploy.

    If you need to deploy only certain rows within a table you could add a WHERE clause, which will be re-applied when you click "Compare Now". This can also be found on the Tables & Views tab.

    I hope you find this information useful.
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  • That makes sense, thank you for your help!
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