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SSMS Hangs When Saving Options

JenniferLJenniferL Posts: 4 New member
edited August 3, 2016 9:01AM in SQL Prompt
Hi all,

I recently purchased and installed SQL Prompt (v7.2.4.291) on my PC which has SSMS (v12.0.2000.8), usually connected to a SQL Server 2014 database. I noticed after installing SQL Prompt that the output pane (output to grid) had a difficult-to-read combination of fore and background colors. Both were light gray. When I try to change either of those colors through the Tools -> Options command, SSMS becomes unresponsive and I have to kill it via Task Manager. This behavior seems to be tied directly to the Collapsible Region display item on the Environment->Fonts and Colors "Display items" list for the Text Editor, as I am able to change the colors for other items in the list without incurring the wrath of the Not Responding god. Any ideas? I haven't tried uninstalling SQL Prompt yet - hoping to avoid anything that drastic.

Thanks in advance!!



  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi Jennifer,

    I'm not sure this is related to SQL Prompt so it might be worth uninstalling it just to confirm (SQL Prompt doesn't change the colors in the output pane or use the regions at the moment, it also shouldn't be affecting updating/saving the SSMS settings).

    We have heard of some issues with saving the SSMS settings being slow to update/save if the settings file has become corrupt or it's stored on a network drive. So I'd recommend resetting all your SSMS settings to see if that helps (under Tools->Import and Export settings…->Reset all settings, you'll be given a chance to back up your existing settings).

    Also, do you have any other addins installed that might be affecting this?

  • JenniferLJenniferL Posts: 4 New member
    Hi Aaron,

    Thank you for the advice! It was very helpful, and I was able to resolve the issue. You are correct, the problem had nothing to do with SQL Prompt. It was apparently coincidental that I observed the color-setting change after installing it. After uninstalling SQL Prompt, the problem remained. Attempting to reset all of the SSMS settings also caused the application to hang. I left the application in the hung-state for a few hours but it never became responsive. I tried repairing the installation but the problem remained.

    Feeling adventurous (and a little desperate) I took a look at the registry. I found the settings for the results grid (HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftSQL Server Management Studio11.0_ConfigFontAndColorsGridSQLResults) and deleted the Category and Package keys. The problem was resolved.

    Thanks again for your help! My apologies for posting the problem here in the first place. Seems I was a bit hasty in my assessment of the underlying cause.

  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi Jennifer,

    I'm glad to hear you got it sorted - and thanks for sharing the solution!

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