2008r2 - external references, some databases ignored

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sql server 2008r2

I noticed that some databases (external references) were completely ignored. (all settings ticked, all levels, objects uses, objects used by, resolve all external, etc).

After comparing two databases (one that has an SP that was resolved, one that was totally ignored) I noticed that the only difference was a setting called "Cross-database Ownership Chaining Enabled".

This setting was true for the successful external reference, and false for the database that was entirely skipped.

I changed this to True, and it worked. However, Microsoft recommends leaving this as false.

I did notice that there was another database with this setting as false which only appeared in the diagram afterI had clicked "Resolve External References" four or give times.

It's not an obvious or exact science.

Thought I'd mention it.


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    Thank you for your forum post.

    Are you sure that you have posted in the correct forum?? The question you have asked looks like a SQL Dependency Tracker problem and not a SQL Data Compare problem. Also your question is very similar to this POST submitted by you on the SQL Dependency Tracker forum.

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