"Top Queries" is missing some queries?

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We have a trace on our server to catch long running queries. One of the queries it caught ran for 60 seconds. I checked SQL Monitor for the time the long query occurred, ordered by duration, show as totals, but I don't see the query that took 60 seconds. I see queries that took more and less than 60 seconds, but not the one I'm looking for. Perhaps this is my misunderstanding of what the 'top queries' section represents?


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    Hi jbrune,

    The Top Queries section isn't a reflection of Long-running queries. This page describes it as
    The Top queries tables shows the queries that used the most resource during the selected time period. The data is updated automatically every 60 seconds.

    So the other queries you are seeing may be using more resource than that one (I believe if you sort by a different resource it will pick the top 10 queries for using that resource).

    I hope this helps!

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