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Test the code coverage for the encrypted procedures

edited June 24, 2016 6:52AM in SQL Compare 11
I have a stored procedure which is encrypted, when i test the code coverage using the DLM tool, it throws an exception.
Is there any alternative for testing the encrypted procedures?


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    This is the forum for our SQL Compare tool - ideally this topic would go in either the SQL Test or DLM Automation forums.

    Having said that, I believe you're talking about Ed Elliot's SQL Cover tool - Ed uploaded a fix to SQL Cover that skips over encrypted stored procedures rather than crashing. You won't get code coverage for encrypted procedures but there is now a "Warnings" property on the results showing any encrypted procs that are skipped.

    You'll need to download the new version from here - https://the.agilesql.club/SQLCover/download.php

    I hope this helps.
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