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edited May 23, 2016 6:32AM in SQL CI 2
Getting this error:

2016-05-18T10:48:03.6461229Z COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY: Publishing database package

2016-05-18T10:48:03.6461229Z Registering schema with DLM Dashboard...

2016-05-18T10:49:43.7928277Z Failed with error RequestTimeout. The HTTP request to xxxxxxxxx:19528 has timed out..

How can I increase the timeout?

Also I seem to be getting a drift on a database even when the package is registered correctly



  • Hi,

    Unfortunately there's no way of adjusting this timeout at the moment. Sorry.

    If you'd like to see this in the product then I recommend that you post a feature request on our UserVoice site - there you can make suggestions and vote on suggestions that others have made.
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