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One of the disks is not showing any stats . I know the disk is in use as it is the database location
all other disk reporting activity. How I can i find why its not showing actiovity

i see
No data for the specified time range
when clicking on disk in question


  • Hi Karl,

    What version of SQL Monitor are you running and have you just added the machine/cluster to SQL Monitor?

    A good first thing to try is to restart the base monitor service to see if that resolves the issue. If that doesn't then we'll need to check that the performance counters exist and are not corrupted by running the Testing remote registry (PerfMon) test from this page and be sure to add the specific performance counter for the specific disk. You can see which performance counter is related on the analysis page in the description of the metric under Equivalent PerfMon counter:.

    If the performance counters do not show up or are not accessible they may be corrupt and you may need to rebuild them - there are links at the end of the section describing the test above with troubleshooting links on rebuilding the counters.

    Please let me know if either of these helps!

    Kind regards,
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