Monitor error alert should be database not available?

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In version 5.0.11 I get the Monitoring error (SQL Server data collection) when a database is restored.
I expected the database not available alert.
I this a bug? or a new feature ;-)


  • Hi eteunisse,

    Is the database from a different server with different security? When you restore the database does the SQL Monitor user have rights to access that database? If it is from a different server the db may not have the correct users and not be able to access the database so it would fail to collect data instead of noticing it's unavailable. It's just a thought at this point I'm still working on reproducing the issue you are seeing as when I restore it all works fine but I may not be reproducing the exact conditions of users and possible mismatches etc. Can you provide any further detail on the restore process and where the database is from / going to?

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  • eteunisseeteunisse Posts: 19 Bronze 1
    When I previously restored a database on server X, I got the alert database unavailable on object Server X > database name.
    On some databases I get the Monitoring error (SQL Server data collection) on object server X.
    This is not server specific, because on the same instance I get the unavailable alert on database Y and the monitor error alert when restoring database Z.

    How do I know it is the restore causing the monitor error alert?
    When I get the alert I look in the SQL errorlog and every time a database is restoring when the alert pops up.

    It looks like the alerts are not consistent.
    When I look through the history of the two mentioned alerts, I see that on the same instance and on the same database I get the Monitoring error once and a day later I get the Database unavailable alert when restoring it.

    The account SQL monitor uses is Windows admin and SQL admin and is not changed.
  • Alex BAlex B Posts: 944 Diamond 3
    Hi eteunisse,

    I'm trying to replicate the behaviour here myself and have not been able to get either alert so far. How long does the restore take and what are the alert thresholds set for both of the alerts (SQL Server data collection and database unavailable)? Also what settings are you using for the restore and what version of SQL Server is it you are using?

    I've also asked the developers for further information on the criteria for each alert occurring as well.

    Kind regards,
    Alex Bartley
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