sourcecontrol 4.2 worked with sql 2016 ctp but broke on RC0

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I updated a dev workstation to SQL SERVER 2016 RC0 yesterday, and now I see this error in the commit changes dialog of SQL Source Control

Invalid column name 'remote_data_archive_migration_state'.

My theory is that some system table metadata has been renamed or removed in SQL Server 2016. It would make sense to me if SQL Source control didn't die horribly when system table schema changes occur. If I'm correct that is.

Anyways, what I would like to know is when will a frequent-update-channel update that works with SQL 2016 RC0 be available? I'm keeping my team's workstations on CTP 3.3 until this is resolved. Why did I upgrade? Precisely to discover and report this kind of borkage.




  • Thanks for reporting that Warren,

    Our team has definitely become aware of this recently- we are currently working on compatibility issues with future versions of SSMS. Currently we do not officially support anything after SSMS 2014- however you should not have any issues with SSMS 2016 CTP3.

    I would recommend you wait until SSMS 2016 is out of beta/early release/limbo/interim versions and definitely not upgrade your team's SSMS until then (if you want them to use Source Control with it).

    Let me know if you have any questions or issues with that!

    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software
  • As soon as we can get it we'll try it out. Meanwhile that's all we need to know.

  • It's broken again! :-)

    Latest SQL Source Control frequently updated is broken again, in SQL 2016 RC1.

    It's also a bit disconcerting that the fix that makes it compatible with SQL 2016 RC0 makes it incompatible with prior CTP versions. Whatever is going on in there sounds a bit scary.

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