Comparing Very Large Tables When One Side Is Empty

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I have an on-premise SQL 14 database with a couple of very large tables, 4m and 28m rows respectively and 30 columns in each. I'm migrating these databases to Azure SQL V12 and have successfully used SQL Compare to create the database on the Azure side.

Now I am migrating the data. These huge tables are taking *forever* to compare, but given that the target is empty, surely this should be almost instantaneous? What is it comparing?

If there's any tips for speeding up the process I'd be glad to hear them.


  • Sergio RSergio R Posts: 609 Rose Gold 5

    There was recent update on Azure v12 that caused the behavior you are describing.

    The good news is that SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare were patched to address that issue this Monday.

    Please download the latest release from the frequent updates channel and try again.

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