Illegal Characters in Path During Merge

acalbazanaacalbazana Posts: 6 New member
I have a new database (localdb) that I'm trying to synch up with source control (svn). My schema is pretty simple and is just a set of tables.

I have a few conflicts to merge in, but I get the following error after I accept changes coming from source control.

"Illegal characters in path."

There is nothing more to describe the error, but this is blocking me at the moment. Does anyone have any information about how to get around this?

SQL Source Control v standard

SSMS 2014

Windows 10




  • Hey Alejandro,

    Thanks for your posting and I am sorry you are having this issue!

    I have taken a look at the error report and will follow up with you via email.
    Preliminarily it looks like it has to do with the error "CREATE PROCEDURE permission denied in database 'tempdb'."

    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software
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