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SQL Prompt 7 - Redgate Toolbar

DotNetDevGuyDotNetDevGuy Posts: 3
edited September 28, 2015 8:44AM in SQL Prompt

I've just upgraded from version 6 to 7 (professional), and I now get an unwanted SQL prompt toolbar :(


If I choose the add/remove buttons option, the items are all greyed out...


I can turn the WHOLE toolbar off, but all I want to see is SQL Search and Tab History. The rest of the options I access via hotkeys...

Any help? :mrgreen:



  • Hi DotNetGuy,

    If you open up %localappdata%Red GateSQL Prompt 7RedGate_SQLPrompt_CommonUI_Options_UIOptions.xml and edit the following line to have True instead of False:

    That should reset the toolbar to its default state next time you load up SSMS. Let me know if this fixes your problem!

    Best regards,

  • David,

    THANK YOU! Your help is much Appreciated :D

    After making the modification and restarting, I have exactly what I want! I also have the ability to add/remove as desired.

  • My pleasure!

    Glad to hear your problem is sorted, and thanks for letting me know!

    Best regards,

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