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Hello, all.

I would like to add a "friendly name" (or Display Name) to the From address for DLM alert emails, but the interface does not accept the standard Friendly Name <[email protected]> format, saying it's an invalid address.

I have quite a few various monitoring/alert/failure emails on many different systems/servers, and it would be preferable for them to be able to "identify themselves" in the from field of the email whenever a message is sent, rather than everything coming from a single [email protected] address.

Any help would be appreciated!


  • Hi GBoulton,

    Thanks for your post.

    Regarding the email address, the application only checks if there's a @ on the inserted string so you should be able to insert a [email protected].

    I will follow up this post with an email from our support system and will ask you for more details on this error you are experiencing in order to try to understand what might be causing it.

    Regarding the possibility to individualize notifications in the from field that seems a very good idea.
    You may want to post it on the DLM Uservoice forum:
    you and other users will be able to vote and comment on this idea. The DLM Product Management team takes the input provided on this forum as an important source when deciding what new features to add to DLM Dashboard:
    https://redgate.uservoice.com/forums/25 ... -dashboard

    Thank you,
    Product Support Engineer
    Redgate Software Ltd
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  • Hi Sergio,

    As i said, i'm able to use [email protected] without issue. I was simply wondering if there was a way to add a "display name" or 'friendly name" to the email address...I am experiencing no error sending emails, only when trying to format the email address with a friendly name.

    Some Name <[email protected]> is not allowed.
    [email protected] is.
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