Example snapshot not working with the SQL Compare Tool

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edited August 10, 2015 6:00AM in SQL Comparison SDK 11
I am running the example in LoadAndSaveASnapshotExample.cs to create a snapshot, I am not able to then load the resulting Widget.snp into SQL Compare.

I am getting the following error when the Compare tool trys to register the .snp. Invalud type value supplied. Type Table

I am guessing I am either missing a step or you are not suppose to be able to open the snapshots from the compare tool.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks


  • Hello Mr(s) Kerber,

    It looks like you may be opening the snapshot in an older version of SQL Compare than the version used to save it. This can cause the database to be incompletely registered, such that some object collections are not available.

    Are you able to open the snapshot using the latest version of Compare?

    Thanks and regards,
    Sam Blackburn.
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    Redgate Software
  • Hi,

    I've double checked that this works correctly and I'm able to open the snapshot in SQL Compare. What version of the SDK are you using to create the snapshot, and what version of SQL Compare are you using to try and open the snapshot?

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