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I am getting the following error when trying to review and extract a file:
The source file cannot be opened (System error: 3791650817).

I know this product is no longer supported, but any ideas as to what this particular error indicates? Perhaps a corrupt file? I tried to Google the error but no luck.

Thanks! :)


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    Thank you your forum post.

    Officially I not allowed to provide support for the HyperBac products.

    Like you, my searches for this error did not return any articles to help identify the cause. I no longer have access to the HyperBac application to help any further.

    I would ensure that the correct path to the backup file is entered into the Winextractor and the log-in account running the Winextractor has security permissions to the file.

    Also if the backup file is encrypted and you are extracting the backup file on a different machine to the one that created the backup file, you need to have a copy of the encryption key file on the machine running WinExtractor. This help document advises regarding encryption keys.

    Sorry that I cannot offer any further information for you.

    Many Thanks
    Eddie Davis
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