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The "default" behavior of the performance profiler is to aggregate all calls to a single method into one line and to display a "hit count". I have a method whose first call generates a cache and then with subsequent calls uses that cache. I'd like to compare the running time of the first call that generates the cache with a second call that uses the cache to demonstrate the speed up. How might I see each individual call's profiled results separately instead of with the current aggregated single result? Thanks for any suggestions!


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    Thanks for your post!

    In order to view the method calls individually you'd need to select a region on the timeline where only one has been executed--I realize though that may not be so simple depending on how soon each subsequent call is executed!

    Having the method leave a mark in the timeline each time it's called on though can help separate the individual calls: ... e+timeline)

    Hope that might help!

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