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I'm wondering, how come I can't undo changes that are done to a filter? I had to unfilter some things to be able to rollback some bad change, but now the filter change is in my commit changes tab and I cannot undo it (the option is disabled)


  • Hi- the undo option is really intended for database changes. I'm not sure as to the exact reason why we don't allow that with filters unfortunately.

    Asides from simply re-configuring the filter, you might also find that unlinking and then relinking will show up the filter on the Get Latest tab so you can pull the change down from your repository
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  • Hi James,

    Yes unlinking and linking again has done it's job - but I think it's a needed fix - re-adding filter stuff is tedious when there's a lot to do, plus is invites user-faults.

    A simple undo would work, although maybe a feature where you allow a filter to be enabled and disabled temporarily could also work.
  • Those are great suggestions- could you add them to our Uservoice forum so we can keep an eye on how popular an idea it is?

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