Problems with Windows Authentication

kawakikawaki Posts: 2
edited September 19, 2006 7:44AM in ANTS Load
Hi there,

I just downloaded Ants Load v. 1.75 i belive, and is trying to set this up to access a website that we develop.

I keep getting iis server errors upon connecting
"HTTP Error 401.2 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to server configuration. Internet Information Services (IIS)"

The user i logged into the server with works with this application if I open IE, but when antsload opens the IE i have no credintials.

The site starts an ocx upon connection and passes this along to our server software (named antserver :-) ) and passes this on to Microsoft analysis services.

So we use kerberos for authentication, as we use constrained delegation in windows 2003.

How could i record a script when needing to use kerberos, i have tried starting antsload as the domain administrator but the internet explore it opens does not have the credintials that the domain user have, for reasons i dont know. If starting an internet explorer standard it works w/o problems.

I have the same problem with Mercury's Load Runner, but I can atleast run the scripting in there explore, just not play the recorded script as it also complains about security.


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