/project switch can not be used with the /options switch

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Much to my shagrin, I have implemented a solution with a bat file that executes a commanline sqlpackager /project:myproject.sqlpkg. I then determined through errors while running the exe created by the package that options of packager are not retained with the project. The CLI help files also confirmed this for me. However in the CLI help files it mentions that you should be able to use /options switch while using the /project switch. If this is an error please give me some advice on a simple command line statement that will connect to server1 and export all db objects of type table only with data included with no premissions.

Thanks for your help ASAP as I am falling way behind.


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    The documentation seems to be wrong. The command-line version of SQL Packager cannot accept a project and a set of options at the same time.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Hi Mike

    I can confirm your observations, in that you cannot use the options switch if you have used the project switch. There are other additional arguments that you cannot specify if you have selected the ‘/project’ switch which include:

    Database1, database2, username 1, username2, name, location, rundatabase, databasedirectory, logdirectory, collation, databasesize and options.

    If you choose to use the ‘/project’ switch you cannot use anything else other than the default options. You can specify additional rules to ‘/includeschema’, ‘/includedata’, ‘/excludeschema’ and ‘/excludedata’.

    The reasoning behind this is due to the way SQL Packager stores the option settings, in that the options you choose and not stored in the Project file itself, the options are stored in the registry.

    When viewing your project via the GUI, the GUI reads the registry location to load the required options. When loading your project via the command line switch ‘/project’, the default options applied and cannot be changed.
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