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sqlbackup won't install completely

RichardFRichardF Posts: 3
edited October 15, 2009 10:45AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
I just upgraded from sqlbackup 6.2 standard (lite) to sqlbackup pro

But after activation with the new key and the program saying it's now a pro version I could still not connect over the network to my other SQL server. The red icon saying that something was wrong with the license was showing.

I thought.. maybe deactivate the license first and reactivate. The same problem

Then, let's try to reinstall, but there was no uninstall icon with Add/Remove programs. Only the one of the previous version, which was 5.x
So clicked that icon, and uninstall process went to work.

Only the SQLBackupAgent was still in the service list. I stopped the service, deleted it manually, and after that I could delete the (local) directory.

So I thought.. all clean now

Starting installer. It says all succeeded, but it did not reinstall the sqlbackupagent service. Also I didn't brought back the (local) directory.

How can I start over with a clean install?


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    Hi Richard,

    It sounds like you're UI is version 6 and your server components didn't upgrade. To start afresh, you'll need to uninstall at least two things from your server.

    The first is the SQL Backup Agent, which can be uninstalled via Add/Remove Programs.

    The second is the extended stored procedure from SQL Server. Normally, uninstalling the agent automatically removes the XPs, but sometimes SQL Server holds refuses to release our DLL. In this circumstance you'll have to manually remove it.

    There are some other components, such as the shell extention to provide statistics when you hover the mouse over a backup file, but these should not interfere with installation.

    Please re-install using the manual installer, which can be found in the install directory of the UI (SQBServerSetup.exe). This will need to be copied to all servers you wish to upgrade. Once you've installed, you can verify the version numbers of the xp_sqlbackup.dll in SS's /binn directory and the agent's version number by querying 'exec master..sqlbackup' with no arguments. They should be at time of writing.

    Please let me know how you get on,
    Robin Anderson
    Red-Gate Software
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