how to avoid expansion of begin end blocks with sql formatting

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I have a query with multiple begin and end blocks in SQL. I can hide the content by simply clicking on the '+' button, and it collapses. However, every time I run a SQL formatting, the content expands again, which is quite frustrating. Is there a solution to prevent this from happening? I hope this issue can be resolved quickly.


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    Hi @GNDZ


    Thank you for reaching out on the Redgate forums regarding your SSMS outline expansion question.


    From what I can see, the outlining process to collapse statement blocks is handled by SSMS's Intellisense and not within SQL Prompt.


    SQL Prompt does appear to expand collapsed statements that have any formatting changes applied within them.

    Are you finding that you are getting expansions of code that are not having any formatting changes applied?



    It does not appear to be any settings within SQL Prompt that modify the outlining behaviour, and it is currently anticipated that it will continue to expand blocks of code.

    I found a few feature requests on our UserVoice page connected to this area of SSMS. 


    As a suggested next step; I'd recommend voting against any of the existing ideas or logging a new one to outline how this impacts your usage of SSMS + SQL Prompt.


    If you do leave any votes and comments, please advise, and I can conduct an escalation to our development team to raise awareness on the request.


    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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