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Failed to save settings due to snippet error

RedcardRedcard Posts: 1 New member
I'm getting this error everytime I attempt to save anything including Options.

Love the tool, but as work changes, I can't adjust.



  • Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting Redgate support and sorry to hear about your SQL Prompt snippet error.
    If you go to %localappdata%\Red Gate\SQL Prompt 10 and then into the Styles and Snippets folder, do you see any duplicate names? 
    You can check by copying the JSON files from this folder to another location and restarting SSMS to see if this clears your error. If so there is likely a duplicate entry in the folder. Take care not to delete these files as they cannot be recovered and you would need to recreate your styles and/or snippets as required.

    Kind Regards,
    David K
    Product Support Engineer

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