Is SCA going away?

Not seeing much new dev for SCA, and in the main redgate web page, it's not even listed under products. Do we need to be rethinking our DB devops strategy? Flyway enterprise? we've been using sca for several years.

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    Thank you for reaching out on the Redgate forums regarding your SQL Change Automation inquiry.

     In a short-answer, SCA is not going away at this point. 

    There are some changes within our deployment-based suite of products as we expand past SQL Server only based databases and become more database-agnostic.

    In this regard our Flyway Desktop solution is growing to be a replacement product. 


    Flyway Desktop is the next version of SQL Change Automation.  

    They can be installed side-by-side. SQL Change Automation is still available for sale and is being actively maintained and supported.  

    We will continue to support this for at least three years after we stop new sales.  Support should run through at least the end of year 2025. 


    If you wish to discuss your specific usage of SQL Change Automation and if Flyway may be a better fit within your organisation I would certainly recommend a conversation with our sales team ([email protected]).

    Flyway is available in different tiers which can offer a greater flexibility between cost & functionality to find a good usage point for your needs.

    Some details on the functionality contained at different tiers can be viewed here -

    And some specific information about migrating SQL Change Automation to Flyway can be viewed here -

    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software


  • Thank you, @Jon_Kirkwood. I think a convo with our sales rep (for crbusa/crb group) will be helpful.  I'm trying to track down who that is now.

    I'm especially curious about how the newer tools will fit in with a more cloud-centric architecture (ADF/syanpse/Azure SQL/Lakehouse/etc.)

    Quick question: will our existing full SQL Toolbelt licenses give us access to all of the new flyway tools?
  • Hi @PeterDanielsCRB

    I shall attempt to get in contact with the appropriate sales resource from my side too as a conversation would certainly be useful.

    For your question about Toolbelt licenses; I don't believe they would - but it would require clarification from sales. I believe Flyway is part of our Redgate Deploy bundle of products and not the SQL Toolbelt.

    I would trust that a discussion with the sales team would evaluate your existing licensing and future requirements to ensure you are getting the right product/s
    Jon Kirkwood | Technical Support Engineer | Redgate Software
  • Thanks, @Jon_Kirkwood.  Phillip Keebler already got in touch with me.  We're just trying to find a time window to meet. I will admit that I (and my manager) will be a little upset about having to add more $ to get flyway licenses on top of the toolbelt and SQL monitor $ we are spending. Let's hope that is not the case.

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