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How is SQL Prompt helping your team?

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edited March 6, 2024 10:02AM in SQL Prompt
Hello everyone,

We're looking to showcase the wonderful work teams are doing with SQL Prompt in a case study. If your team uses SQL Prompt and you'd be interested in featuring in a case study written by Redgate, I'd love to hear from you!

How it works:
  1. We'll schedule in a 1 hour call to discuss your team's experience with SQL Prompt and the impact its had.
  2. We'll then go away and write up a case study to highlight your success.
  3. You'll be sent a draft for approval and have the opportunity to make edits.
  4. We'll publish the case study on our website and share your story with fellow database professionals across the globe.
To find out more or express your interest, please reply in the thread below or email me on roseanna.mumby@red-gate.com.


Roseanna Mumby

Product Marketing Manager for SQL Prompt

Product Marketing Manager for SQL Prompt and SQL Toolbelt Essentials


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    AMSinghAMSingh Posts: 1 New member
    Thanks for this information 
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    jcraiguejcraigue Posts: 2 New member
    What were you thinking? Ive just lost access tgo 2.5 years of SQL snippets! Please come up with a way to restore this / migrate to the new framework!
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    AnnyJones01AnnyJones01 Posts: 1 New member

    SQL Prompt is a tool developed by Redgate Software that enhances productivity and efficiency when working with SQL Server databases. It integrates with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and Visual Studio, providing intelligent code completion, formatting, and analysis for SQL queries.

    Here are some ways SQL Prompt can help a development team:

    1. Code completion: SQL Prompt offers intelligent suggestions as you type, helping you complete table and column names, functions, and keywords. This feature saves time by reducing the need to remember or manually type long and complex SQL statements.

    2. Code formatting: SQL Prompt can automatically format your SQL code according to predefined or customizable styles. This ensures consistent code formatting across the team, making it easier to read and understand each other's code.

    3. Code analysis: SQL Prompt performs real-time code analysis, providing suggestions for improving your SQL queries. It can identify potential performance issues, such as missing indexes or inefficient joins, and offer recommendations for optimizing your queries.

    4. Object renaming: SQL Prompt simplifies the process of renaming database objects. It automatically updates all references to the renamed object throughout your code, saving you from manually searching and modifying every occurrence.

    5. Refactoring: SQL Prompt supports various refactoring operations, such as extracting a subquery into a common table expression (CTE) or converting a derived table into a view. These refactoring options help improve code readability, maintainability, and performance.

    6. Code snippets: SQL Prompt allows you to create and use code snippets, which are reusable code templates. This feature can significantly speed up development by providing quick access to commonly used SQL code patterns.

    Overall, SQL Prompt can enhance the productivity and consistency of a development team by providing intelligent code completion, formatting, analysis, and refactoring capabilities for SQL queries. It helps streamline the development process and improves code quality.

    Please visit:-https://www.janbasktraining.com/online-sql-server-training

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