Error SQLSearchSsmsPackage did not load correctly

I'm getting an error in SSMS v18.12.1 saying SQLSearchSsmsPackage did not load correctly.  I looked at the ActivityLog.xml and no idea what any of that is telling me.  Any ideas how to fix this?  I haven't installed any new extension's or changed any configurations.  Can I download the latest version and re-install?


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    Hi @RichUchytil

    Sorry that you have hit this error. Please could you try the following steps:
    1. Close SSMS
    2. Uninstall SQL Search
    3. If you have a program called "SSMS Integration Pack Framework 3" installed, uninstall this as well (note: you may have a "SSMS Integration Pack 1" program installed which can remain)
    4. If it still exists, delete the folder C:\ProgramData\Red Gate\SIPFw
    5. Reinstall SQL Search
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