Have you guys lost the plot?

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I've been a huge fan of redgate tools since 2005 and have used the tools eagerly since then - but wtf you guys are up to?

Your website is now just full marketing bs.   What happened to the toolbelt (aside going from $US2500 for a perpetual licence to $US5500 per year before you pulled it).   I want to look for (and show other people) the tools I use on a daily basis, not some vague promise (ala IBM) that your tools are going to give us DEVOPS! and fix all our problems.

SQL Deploy? what tools does that come with?

Your website is a confusing mess that is clearly not targeting devs.   Who do you expect to champion your products?


  • Hello ptrubs,
    You make a good point, there has been a shift in mindset to 'solutions' over 'tooling' in recent years, naturally comprised of the same tools you're familiar with, and a few new ones. 
    Especially for newer customers I believe the intention is to provide a higher level overview of what can be achieved rather than exhaustive listing of tools they aren't conversant with, along with an encouragement to get a demo to see them in action; but yes it is quite a departure from previous approaches and we naturally don't want our existing customer and champions left out on the cold in the process.
    If you go to the support tab of the same page (https://www.red-gate.com/products/redgate-deploy/support), the documentation categories double as a list of the included products, though I do concede that's not particularly intuitive.

    I'll feed this back to the appropriate product managers.
    Kind regards
    Peter Laws | Redgate Software
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