How can I get Consistency in Masking

I'm masking a table that has a field with FULLNAME and I'm trying to use a SUBSTITUTION Rule. So John Brown will be masked to Henry Clay and Mary Jane will changed to Betty White.  The challenge I have is that I need all instances to John Brown to change to the same value.  How can that be achieved?


  • Hi Waltz, thank you for your post.

    You can achieve what you're looking for by using a Sync Manager rule.

    Please see our documentation on how to create a sync manager rule here 
    (As it notes, you can use a sync manager rule to " mask unique combinations data consistently, i.e. every "Alan Smith" becomes "Anita Radcliffe" in all tables...")
  • WaltzWaltz Posts: 2 New member
    The Sync Manager seems gears for use across multiple tables - I'm just masking one table.  See example below:
    ID Contact Dept ID Contact Dept
    1 James Brown Finance 1 John Doe Finance
    2 Henry Clay HR 2 Mickey Mantle HR
    3 James Brown HR 3 John Doe HR
    4 Henry Clay Sales 4 Mickey Mantle Sales
    5 James Brown Collections 5 John Doe Collections
  • Hi Waltz

    The sync manager rule will work with a single table as well and you won't need to make a temporary table. 

    When you first convert the substitution rule to a sync manager, it will actually only apply to the one target table (you would need to edit the rule to add other targets in order to apply to multiple tables).
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