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How to synchronize instance level objects on Availability Group replicas

OsbitOsbit Posts: 1 New member
edited July 20, 2021 9:34AM in General Forum
This will be my first post!

The organization that I work for wants to start making use of Availability Groups for several of their services, but I have some concerns that I have not found a good solution to yet.
Mainly this is around instance level object synchronization across AG replicas and how I keep them up to date when a new object (login, linked server, Agent job, etc.) or updated, which looks to be even more tricky as you can't just check to see if the object exists on other replicas.
I'm currently thinking about using triggers on the object tables to try and catch the updates, but don't want to waste time if there is a product/solution out there that already exists.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks !
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