Competition: How is SQL Change Automation helping you?

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Hello everyone,

Enter our competition to win DevOps books and Redgate goodies.

In the latest Redgate Forums competition, you have the chance to win Redgate goodies and a DevOps books bundle containing 3 books of your choice.

To enter the prize draw, please answer this question in the thread below: ‘How is SQL Change Automation helping you?’

The competition closes on 30 May and the winner will be randomly selected from the entries received.

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  • How has SQL Change Automation helped me?  DevOps has made building and deploying apps a breeze.  But what about the database?  Should we continue RDPing into the server and manually running scripts?  Of course not!  SQL Change Automation is that magic piece that unlocks DevOps for databases.  Hook it up to developers and we can now communicate both app and database changes in one git push.  Hook it up to CI and we can now prove there aren't any syntax or logic errors in our SQL.  Hook it up to tSQLt or SQL Test and we can now unit test our sql functions just like we unit test our code functions.  And finally hook it up to the deployment databases in all environments, lock everyone out of those databases, and we now have confidence that if it ran in pre-prod it'll run great in prod too.  After all, we practiced the production deployment with every DevOps build since the change was introduced.  Just saying, DevOps with Databases is completely a thing, and SQL Change Automation is the elegantly simple way to do it.
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    For years working with SQL server databases, on-premise SQL Server 2000 to Azure, I have been looking for a simple tool that can cost-effectively source control database code.  The challenge with database source control is how to manage schema and data changes together.  I started out first with SQL Source Control back in my previous company.  But it was SQL Change Automation that really provided what we were looking for.  It facilitates collaborative and parallel database development between a team of developers with pull request approval process and conflict resolution.  It provides a single source of truth or a trusted repository of database code from production to development.  It gives us confidence that our database changes are safe and reliable.  
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    I wish it could help me. I installed it, it didn't work, and there are no clear or clean ways and no instructions I could find to uninstall it from my project. I ended up deleting my solution and rebuilding it after I uninstalled SQL Change Automation. No good as far as I am concerned since it destroyed my work and was not user friendly as Red Gate tools usually are.
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    Hi @slesicki, I'm so sorry to hear that. Our support team can help you with SQL Change Automation and any of your other Redgate tools. You can reach them on or private message me and I can direct any queries to them. 

    Best wishes,

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    Hello Roseanna,

    We used to have an homegrown system doing the diff between 2 DBs and then generating the SQL Code needed to go from one to the other. This has worked for quite some time, but we always had to double check what it was doing.

    When we decided to go with SQL 2017 and the implementation of Columnstore indexes, we knew it would be too much work to make it work in our system. We decided to give a try to SQL Change Automation and we are very happy with the result.

    Yes, there is some gotchas that we have to double check, sometime the generated diff is not efficient and since our databases are very large (~5TB), we must make sure that the migration is done efficiently.

    I love the way the code is managed with each object in its own file.

    At the end, the migration to SQL 2017 with Columstore indexes is completed and it went pretty smoothly!

    SCA helps us stay on top of SQL Server functionalities and offers a much better code management for us!


    Eric Lamontagne
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    Thank you to everyone for your entries. We really enjoyed reading them. I'm delighted to announce that the winner is...@EricLamontagne >:O. I'll direct message you to arrange delivery of your prize.

    Keep an eye out for the next Redgate Forums competition - launching soon!
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